Re: Give Mayor Fulop the hat trick with wins in Wards A, B, and C on Dec 5th, 2017

Posted by JCGuys on 2017/11/17 9:10:46

user1111 wrote:
Amen, independents for every ward.

I do believe Fulop is doing a great job, and I would like to see continued city building with the support of council. But there are instances where the slate has been... problematic.

For example... SciTech city. It's an excellent project. But it was unconscionable that council just pushed this through because it was a mayoral priority rather than doing further due dilligence. They should've ordered an appriasal so it's clear the value of the land that was being transfered. I don't care if the appraisal came back at 100m or $200 million. It's still an excellent project. But the lack of that step without challanging the mayor on the value of the city-owned land is something an independet council would never do.

What I don't like are independents who just like playing the role of spolier or obstructionst just to say they are opposed to the Mayor. I really like Yun from when I use to live in the Heights but I feel like he did that sometimes. Boggiano too. Sure Rich is great to call on if the garbage collectors miss a bag, but he misses big picture items. I feel like Mayor Fulop has been taking a bigger role in the much needed revitalization of Journal Square than Rich, who seems almost indifferent if the planned redevelopments happen or not.

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