Re: Just say 'no' to 'millionaires' marina on the south side of Liberty State Park

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2018/1/20 6:29:48
I did not understand this new activity is just a lease amendment... not a good situation. Interesting that in the judge's opinion there was a long list of all the various groups that would need to signoff and the DEP response was it was pretty much a done deal with all the groups. "Minimum procedures/hearings" They will be well underway in that area of the park when (if) this hits the recommended appellate court.


Stringer wrote:

Liberty State Park marina plan can move forward, judge says

A Hudson County judge today rejected a push by Jersey City to halt plans to build a new marina in Liberty State Park, paving the way for the plans to proceed with required state approval.

Judge Barry P. Sarkisian, who heard arguments from Jersey City, the state and the marina company at a hearing on Tuesday, rejected the city's arguments that the proposed deal between the state and Suntex Marinas is invalid because the state did not seek bids for the marina plan. The city's arguments are "without merit" because the state in this case is not required to seek bids, Sarkisian said in his ruling. ... tate_park_marina_pla.html

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