Re: Just say 'no' to 'millionaires' marina on the south side of Liberty State Park

Posted by Frinjc on 2018/1/2 18:54:25
"While our opponents have painted the proposed marina as the playground of millionaires, the reality is the project will service local fisherman as well as local middle-class boat owners, who our research shows face a shortage of marina space," he said in a statement, adding that Fulop should work with Suntex "rather than issue threats through the media." per Suntex president.

Yeah right, local middle class boat owners, especially the ones that could dock at the south east corners as per Suntex picture. Super middle class indeed... I was sort of giving them the benefit of the doubt as a commercial company with its own interest but I guess no more. Glad our city is exposing and halting all the shortcuts Suntex relies on to push this through including obviously some insider in the current state administration. I wonder what a freedom of information request would give in terms of who did what.

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