Re: Hypocrite Solomon’s dirty push Poll

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/11/13 16:02:59

JPhurst wrote:
Neighborhood Associations will not formally endorse.

I know people involved in the various downtown groups and they come down on different sides in this one.

It's a real dogfight, for sure!

It's difficult to get a real feel for the dynamic of this race. Is this a NIMBY (Solomon) vs pro-development (Symes) race? Are both generally pro-development with different nuances?

I'm ridiculously pro-developement but feel like we should be leveraging more concessions from the developers. Maybe something like an infrastructure bank that all new developments would be required to pay into. The waterfront doesn't need abatements but I think they could still be useful for the western fringes of Downtown.

I've heard the term "smart development" used by both campaigns but I don't know if that's a NIMBY code word for "no new buildings, EVER!".

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