Hypocrite Solomon’s dirty push Poll

Posted by StevieSizemore on 2017/11/12 22:04:20
Just to think we might've had a genial run-off. Here’s another example of Solomon’s hypocrisy, and this is just low. Even for him.

As a self-proclaimed academic, I certainly expected better than this trash from James Solomon.

I got called tonight to answer a poll, (even though Solomon said the big bad developers are funding polls against him). How do I know it's him? 3 questions stuck out for me, and judging by the way the questions were framed, it couldn't be more obvious this was an anti-Symes poll. I think it’s telling about how nasty of a campaign James Solomon intends to run.

1. Would you likely vote for a candidate willing to evict trump/Kushnir?

2. do you want someone who lives in Hoboken but is running for office in Jersey City?

3. Would you elect someone that will serve as a check and balance against Mayor Fulop, or someone who will push his agenda?

To simply use a poll (that I'm sure cost a lot of money) to spread a negative and nasty rumor that Rebecca lives in Hoboken is simply disgusting and just a waste of time and money? Then he wants to test out if his BS Kushnir movement really means anything (hint: it doesn't), and then finally - he wants to know if he should run towards Steven Fulop or not.

Is James Solomon that rich that he has the means to waste money on a poll and push this negative shit again?

James finished second to Rebecca....so he thinks the only to win this runoff is to go hard negative? There were other questions, but obviously spoiled brat James is testing out the garbage he’s posted about on this forum.

I really hope he cleans up his act quickly.

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