Re: Symes / Solomon runoff

Posted by T-Bird on 2017/12/6 13:37:30

JPhurst wrote:

I thought that you were better than that. But in the end your resentment of others who did better than you puts you in the same boat.

You lied about the campaign, and lied about me. That is disgraceful.

Josh - you are unhinged. I didn’t lie about anything. If you feel I lied about you, please let me know (either here or in person). It certainly wasn’t my intent. I wasn’t going to get into who told me what about the campaign on here - also happy to discuss in person. The “mommy mafia” comment, while perhaps in poor taste, was a nod to your incessant use of it.

The comment about me being resentful and “others having done better than me” is beyond baffling. I really have no clue what you are talking about or alluding to.

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