Re: Symes / Solomon runoff

Posted by jc_dweller on 2017/11/8 17:04:25

jc_dweller wrote:
We are facing a Symes/Solomon runoff. I think at this time each candidate needs to clarify some of their platforms. I have one major question for each.

1. Symes
A major component of Symes' platform is the empowerment of community groups in the development approval process. State statute (NJSA 45:55) does not grant community groups this power. (NYC does, which admittedly confuses people.)
Jersey City is well aware that this is not permitted, and in fact in the one or two areas of town which suggest this is required (e.g. morris canal) both the City and community groups have acknowledged that they're "getting away with it" until a developer sues. How, then, does Symes intend to use her position to change a state law? Much of her platform has been on this, and I feel that she's making a promise to community groups that she simply has zero control over.

2. Solomon
Solomon has had significant NIMBY undertones throughout his campaign. Notably, as it related to a project on the West Side (which obviously isn't even in Ward E), suggesting that neighbors should have a greater say in how a property is developed. (Relates to Symes, above.) This even hinted at having a choice as to who would move in next door (in this case there was talk of marketing a development to the jewish community which did face some resistance). How does he reconcile this with his claims of being welcoming to all and "progressive"? To what extent is a community entitled to impinge on the as-right development of private property? (Hint: the law already answered that.)

To correct myself above, though nobody pointed out the error, the section of law referred to in my Symes comment is NJSA 40:55 (not 45:55). Got crazy on the "5s". Just wanted to correct that in case anyone felt so inclined to look it up.

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