Re: Symes / Solomon runoff

Posted by JPhurst on 2017/11/8 16:57:28
To clarify. Jacob criticized Rebecca for using her proposal to replace the role of neighborhood associations.

Personally, I feel that neighborhood associations are as good as the residents that participate in them. I certainly found going to VVPA meetings highly beneficial in learning about the community. There were the occasional cranks who dominated a meeting but generally they were good people, even if I disagreed with some viewpoints expressed. I met most of my elected officials for the first time through these meetings as well as the police departments representative (though that was replaced by larger "captain's meetings" a while back). I briefly helped form one in the Liberty Harbor neighborhood, where the residents all wanted development. After all, everyone was moving into a neighborhood that was being built up from scratch.

The law provides for community input formally at the meetings themselves. I think many people are disillusioned with that because the feeling is decisions have been made behind closed doors well before the public hearing. I do think we can improve public input without allowing NIMBYs (or, at the other end, developer shills) to take over the process.

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