Re: Symes / Solomon runoff

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/11/8 15:57:44

JPhurst wrote:

To the extent Rebecca wants to create formal Community Boards or something similar, that have binding authority to approve or deny plans, that is not consistent with the MLUL and will require changes to the law from Trenton. To the extent she wants to increase the level of community input and do more of it up front, it can be done to some extent though likely not through an ordinance.

This is an awful idea. The neighborhood associations already have way too much power. A few of them have compromised boards rife with corruption. This is a good way to ensure we turn into San Fransisco and never allow any development because it will be perceived as threatening the home values of current owners in addition to NIMBY. I thought this was supposed to be the pro-development candidate? I would gladly support any Ward E candidate that supports 21st century urban planning policies along with muzzling and neutering the neighborhood associations.

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