Re: Symes / Solomon runoff

Posted by brewster on 2017/11/8 14:27:20

JPhurst wrote:
I fear for the future of this forum.....

Too late for that, this place was moribund before the election anyway.

IMO this notion of letting activist incumbent residents decide what happens in their neighborhood is absurd. In almost all cases they will vote for no development. No one has a right to a static neighborhood. Many of the same people howling about high housing costs are the ones preventing higher density.

Here's a thought experiment: convert Summit into a Bus Rapid Transit lane from Journal Square up to 495 through to the Port Authority, and rezone the heights area along it for midrise higher density. You would lose parking on Summit but thousands of new affordable homes with great mass transit and no need for cars would take its place.

This type of "New Urbanist" growth vision would absolutely be vetoed by existing residents, but potential residents have no vote.

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