Re: Fulop wins lopsided victory in Jersey City mayor's race

Posted by caj11 on 2017/11/8 11:35:40

T-Bird wrote:

Yvonne wrote:
Actually, I did check, Fulop got 20,000 votes while Healy got 14,000. So I am wrong on the numbers and am willing to admit that.

Actually, Yvonne - you weren't wrong. You're forgetting the close to 4,000 Walker votes and 500 for the other guy who's name escapes me. Turnout was better in 2013 and I was really surprised by that - got to wondering why.

Early turnout yesterday was very strong. Anecdotally, it was as strong or stronger downtown through the morning as it was in 2013. Weather could have been a factor - it was in the low 70s and sunny on the 2013 election day. Yesterday turned really crappy in the afternoon (and cold.) Also - sunset was 8:04 in 2013, compared to 4:45 yesterday.

An uncompetitive governor's race and mayor's race probably also contributed - both sides drove high turnout in the mayor's race in 2013. In wards that had hotly contested council races, I think turnout will end up being comparable but I'll have to check.

Turnout in local elections in Jersey City is still downright pitiful. The city has a population of 260,000. Assuming you reduce that amount by the number of people under 18, convicted felons and as someone else pointed out, recent immigrants and ex-pats, you'd think that there would still be roughly 100,000 eligible voters in this city. The total number of people who voted in the citywide mayoral election was 35,425, a miserable 35% turnout. The fact is NO mayor in the most recent elections in my memory has ever gotten more than about 30% of the vote from eligible voter pool. It's really sad.

Does anyone think that 100,000 eligible voters is too high a number? Reduce it to 70,000, and turnout is still barely above 50%. Still pathetic but then at least it is on par with the turnout rates for your typical presidential election in this country.

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