Re: Fulop wins lopsided victory in Jersey City mayor's race

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/11/8 10:49:58

Yvonne wrote:
Actually, I did check, Fulop got 20,000 votes while Healy got 14,000. So I am wrong on the numbers and am willing to admit that. However, once Menendez get convicted, this city will say bye Fulop as Murphy will give that seat to him. So, everyone of his fans better take pictures of him now.

Yvonne quite clearly can't handle the near unanimous rejection of her candidates and her now diminished stature in JC politics from last night, so she is having a gigantic meltdown. Yvonne cannot accept certain truths that the city has changed, as well as its citizens and is not going back to its "glory days" of 1985.

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