Re: Fulop wins lopsided victory in Jersey City mayor's race

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/11/8 10:13:29

Yvonne wrote:
Did you check 2013 numbers? Of course not. Go online and see how many people voted in 2013 before you call someone unhinged.

Ah, of course here comes the revisionist history and rationalization from Yvonne. Just days ago the Fulop people were running terrified. If only the "real voters" of Jersey City (aka just herself and the board members of each neighborhood association) had their pick, Fulop would have lost in a landslide. How dare those "other" voters and evil millennials from NYC that have the nerve to vote for governor should also feel they can vote for mayor of the city they happen to live in.

Poor Yvonne. The anti-Boggianno vote was much greater than his vote total last night and he could still lose. The steel beams of 99 Hudson would be coming down this very morning and it could be back to a beautiful parking lot by next week if only the interlopers didn't stand in her way of paying $0 in taxes and having unlimited free parking just for herself.

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