Re: Michael Billy Video warns of Rebecca Symes/Developer connections.

Posted by Yvonne on 2017/11/13 12:43:25

bodhipooh wrote:

K-Lo2 wrote:
CPC does gorgeous work. I'm still not understanding the crime here. (I do not live in Ward E.)

Like when a baby throws a tantrum, no amount of logic will satisfy or stop the likes of JCvoter from flailing and grasping at straws. They can't handle the fact that most of us chose progress over the nonsense from the Healy years. I just hope that during the runoff we get Symes elected. It would be PRICELESS to watch losers like JCvoter and Yvonne seeing their preferred candidates defeated and vanquished from the City Council.

I do not know how I get involved in the runoff. However, I will continue to speak out at city hall on corruption. Like giving 99 year leases for one dollar a year or selling 16 acres of land and having the appraisal done after the fact. Later using land sales on Union Street which was low and ignoring the $35 million for 7 acres close by. Keep my name in these conversations and I will remind people of the corruption.

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