Re: Ward E for Sale - How Dixon $$$ bought Symes a candidacy.

Posted by JPhurst on 2017/11/8 10:43:07
Maybe I should have known that.

But I didn't.

Do you know why?

Because that award was given in 2016, 7 years AFTER I was president of the JCLC, and 6 years after I stepped down from the board as per mandatory term limits.

I didn't even go to that awards ceremony due to a family commitment.

But I am still on the Advisory Council, so I could see how you perceive that. Do you know who else is on the Advisory Council? Solomon supporter Daniel Levin. So why is James Solomon seeking support from an individual affiliated with JCLC which apparently now is all part of the grand scheme of things to buy an election for Rebecca Symes. Must be that he's bought as well......

The Billy video was a lame attempt at an October surprise. It tries to connect anyone involved with "real estate" back to a developer. that allegedly has some Svengali like control over Rebecca. It was like the silly last minute mailing to the residents of Liberty Harbor saying stuff like "Rebecca rents her headquarters from a company owned by Peter Mocco. Peter Mocco is the developer and landlord for Liberty Harbor. Peter Mocco makes you subscribe to really lame cable service. So Rebecca is in cahoots with Mocco to deprive you of cable service."

Rebecca still carried Liberty Harbor last night.

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