Re: Ward E for Sale - How Dixon $$$ bought Symes a candidacy.

Posted by JC_rider on 2017/11/8 10:38:54

JCvoter wrote:
Rebecca Symes purchased a waterfront condo in Hoboken when she moved to NJ in 2013 and began working for Dixon Advisory.

In August of 2015 she rented a two bedroom Dixon owned duplex with garden, 3 blocks from Grove Street, for a sweetheart rent of $2000 pcm.

It is hard to say when she actually moved from Hoboken because she kept and still owns that apartment and was filing campaign contributions for Hillary Clinton using her Hoboken address as late as July 2016.

What is clear is that Rebecca Symes declared her Ward E candidacy 1 year and 10 months after her earliest possible claim to residency in Jersey City.

August 2015 was a busy month for Rebecca as moving to Jersey City coincided with her being appointed by Mayor Fulop to the Jersey City Library board.

August 2015 also saw Dixon Advisory give $200,000 to Fulop's Coalition for Progress ... 0582841&type=A&cycle=2016

Within three months of moving to Jersey City Symes was appointed secretary and board member of the Harsimus Cove Association.
This came a few months after the association had begun to receive sponsorship money from Dixon.

A snapshot of HCA sponsors from the month she was appointed show 16 local businesses. ...

Under Symes tenure the number of sponsors reduced to Dixon Advisory and 3 others, as it remains to this day.

Nothing but facts.

However well meaning she may be it is difficult to view Symes presence in Jersey City as anything but a cynical and calculated play for power, one backed financially by her employers and the interests of real estate.

This timeline totally makes sense if you wanted to place a puppet in place. Seems like they rushed it. If she was planted 5-6 years back in JC, might have been the clear winner yesterday.

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