Re: Michael Billy Video warns of Rebecca Symes/Developer connections.

Posted by JCvoter on 2017/11/8 6:37:19

JPhurst wrote:
From the video:

"Coastal points buys brownstones, renovates them, and sells them for a higher price.

Actually, they are a general contractor that does business in NY and NJ. I am not familiar with their portfolio of properties, but for the most part they are working for other people looking to fix their homes. Maybe they have some properties of their own, but they advertise themselves as contractors.

What you fail to mention is that the majority of Coastal Point Construction's work is for Dixon.
You should know this because Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy recognized Coastal Points for its work on Dixon Property 237b Montgomery St. ... ervation-awards-ceremony/

Please note -

"This event was made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.

Dixon Advisors"

This would be the carriage house of 237 Montgomery St, the property where Dixon attempted to avoid a $17000 tax increase. ... sessments_homeowners.html

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