Re: Michael Billy Video warns of Rebecca Symes/Developer connections.

Posted by cynov on 2017/11/7 17:27:04
I personally experienced this with my condo association on 8th St. Rebecca Symes represented Dixon Advisory 3 years ago (2014) when they drilled into our party wall on the roof and tried to install a generator without notifying anyone in our building. Dixon owned the building next to us and tried to slip a fast one by us. Luckily our neighbors on the other side of Dixon let us know something fishy was going on and we went up to the roof to check it out. Lo' and behold, they had drilled into our party wall for a platform for a power generator without telling any of the neighbors. We obviously fought tooth and nail with Dixon to not go forward with this. During our back and forth, we dealt mostly with Rebecca. Towards the end of the fight, Rebecca suggested that if we signed off on installing the generator in the yard, she was sure she could get Dixon to remove the crap they installed on our roof. Needless to say, we did not let her strong arm us and fought them until they repaired the hole in our roof. Sadly the curb they installed still stands but luckily no generator which vibrates and could cause structural damage was installed. Good thing we caught it. If this is the kind of company Rebecca supports and works for, I will never trust her, let alone with Ward E.

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