Re: The Tape from Politico,

Posted by AMo on 2017/11/1 23:35:59
"Could this have been handled better? Maybe? Probably?"

Come on T-Bird. You've got to be kidding! It wasn't handled at all. Bid rigging is a crime. How on earth do you justify keeping on staff two individuals who are caught on tape discussing a conspiracy to rig a bid? How is that remotely acceptable?

As to Matsikoudis, please dish the dirt on him. You owe it to all of us. It's not enough for you to pose as having some deep insight based upon your time with Fulop. Lay your cards on the table. If you've got the goods, let's hear it. It's your civic duty. I've certainly been explicit in my criticism of your friend. You should be equally explicit. If you're not, I'll assume you don't have a case.

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