Re: The Tape from Politico,

Posted by T-Bird on 2017/11/1 9:41:08

AMo wrote:

Sadly, JCList's defenders-o-Fulop (like Trump's defenders) are doing everything in their power to distract people from the undisputed fact that Fulop's top people were engaged in a scheme to rig a bid. Next they'll be asking for an investigation of Healy. It shows you that intellectual dishonesty isn't limited to Republicans.

That's cute, Aaron - very Fox News of you (Next they'll be asking for an investigation of Healy.) Maybe you can throw in a war on Christmas while you are at it.

Look - you wanted the tape released, it was released. Muhammed and Sully look bad. No question. Fulop isn't mentioned and he isn't on the tape. Could this have been handled better? Maybe? Probably? But what is it you expect to happen now, six days before the election?

I look at the cynical move Matsikoudis is attempting, hamfistedly playing this out as his big October surprise Gotcha! move, similar to the equally cynical move he tried in April 2013 with the Star Ledger. It makes me ask where was the outrage over the past three years? There is no way on God's green earth that Matsikoudis hasn't known about this tape since the day it got into Pandalfo's hands, which was a very long time ago. Matsikoudis is a lawyer - if he thinks there was a crime committed and he has knowledge of it, wasn't he obligated to report it when he became aware rather than pocket it until it had its greatest perceived value? As I said previously, I think your dislike of Fulop has blinded you to the nature of who you jumped in with.

You know who I am. You know I left the administration and that the mayor and I didn't agree on everything. I think I have a realistic view of his strengths and weaknesses and between him and Matsikoudis and I'll take Fulop every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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