Re: Top Fulop allies on tape trying to steer city bid, court depositions say

Posted by BarbaraCamacho on 2017/10/12 21:33:08

neverleft wrote:

Yvonne wrote:
The request by Barbara Camacho before the city council.

Is that the same Barbara Camacho (a friend of Matsikoudis) who tried to stop the election move? Hmmm

11/20/15 JJ: “In addition to Camacho, the committee includes Rampaul Guyadeen, 55; April Kuzas, 36, a business consultant and local political player; Joan Terrell, an ex-council aide; and former Councilwoman Viola Richardson, a frequent Fulop foe when they sat on the council together. It is led by Bill Matsikoudis, a longtime Fulop rival who lost his job as corporation counsel when Fulop unseated Jerramiah Healy in 2013.”


Yes, I am one and the same. I would have opposed any Mayor seeking to move the election. I’m also the same Barbara Camacho that supported Mayor Fulop in his mayoral bid in 2013. (I actually had one of those big signs up in my house.) Still, it’s a cute attempt to present me as a Matsikoudis supporter. Neat trick to bold “friend,” “foe” “it is led by” and “rival.” I take it subtly is not your strongest suit. The truth is I’m unwilling to negotiate away Transparency/Accountability because I voted for someone. Are you?

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