Re: Top Fulop allies on tape trying to steer city bid, court depositions say

Posted by HeightsNative on 2017/10/12 14:32:41

JSleeze wrote:

HeightsNative wrote:

By the way, if you knew anything about statistics, a sample size of roughly 400 is adequate on a population of 250k with a confidence level of 95%. 300+ is pretty good to me.

Either way, did you sign the petition? if not, you should just STFU then.

And if you knew anything about how statistics are used, you never would have said that. Sample size applies to polling. You aren't taking a poll - you are collecting signatures. Is your poll that you asked 270,000 people if they would sign your self-serving petition and only 300 did?

I like your approach to building consensus though - very inclusive: Sign our petition or eff you! That might have at least something to do with why 269,700 people haven't signed...

You can argue that a petition is a poll. You're asking people if they think this is serious enough to warrant release. If yes, sign the petition. If not, keep on moving along. The point is, 300 signatures is a large enough segment of the population to demand he release the tapes. Because, again, if there's nothing wrong, what are they hiding?

But no, you just keep on fighting those who fight for more transparency...because that's how you stop corruption? If you're not signing the petition, you're endorsing governmental obfuscation, and that makes you just as bad. You're also furthering the apathy you just complained about. The other 269,700 haven't signed because they have no idea what's going on, and are more concerned about what new bar is going up, or bike lanes, or some nonsense. Also, because signer #301 (YOU) is too busy being a JC List Hero to actually do something about and tell others.

I swear, it's like you all compete for who can be the most stupid. And you all wonder why such gross mismanagement from government is allowed to exist. Hint: it's because of people like YOU.

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