Re: Top Fulop allies on tape trying to steer city bid, court depositions say

Posted by HeightsNative on 2017/10/12 13:24:31

JSleeze wrote:

HeightsNative wrote:

Because again, you're more concerned with watering your lawn while your house is on fire. And you all complain of corruption, but stand by idly when tasks with fighting.

Morons. Complete morons. The lot of you.

Breathe. Exhale. Go to your happy place. My only point was saying "300 signatures" isn't really saying much.

As is often the case with Civic JC and the like - there's a lot of noise but not much effective action. Knowing how to motivate people instead of preaching to them from a position of assumed moral superiority is the key. How to motivate people around here is the million dollar question, though.... Apathy rules here.

Correct, apathy rules here. Saying "300 signatures really isn't saying much" is how you contribute to said apathy rather than actually do your part in fighting the corruption.

By the way, if you knew anything about statistics, a sample size of roughly 400 is adequate on a population of 250k with a confidence level of 95%. 300+ is pretty good to me.

Either way, did you sign the petition? if not, you should just STFU then.

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