Re: Top Fulop allies on tape trying to steer city bid, court depositions say

Posted by HeightsNative on 2017/10/12 8:23:38

JCGuys wrote:
CivicJC is grandstanding and playing politics. They should instead write to the state's attorney general asking them to investigate if any laws were broken.

IF Jersey City is still super currupt, hired goons would be cracking some heads. Lobbying council would be the lease of their problems.

So it's grandstanding to demand transparency from elected officials? Are you really this stupid? Or just a plant from the administration? Either way, your poorly written post (lease of their problems? is exactly why these corrupt schmucks get away with this garbage. Then, in the next breathe you all complain it's corrupt and nothing changes. Get your heads out of your rear ends already.

If there is nothing to hide - release the tapes. Steve will delay this until after the election. And you morons will suck it up as per usual.

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