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Posted by RichBoggiano on 2017/11/27 9:39:12
Boggiano: Thanks for your votes

I want to thank all of the voters from Ward C and the greater Journal Square area who braved the cold and rain to come out to vote on Nov. 7. With your help, I was able to secure the largest number of votes and substantially more than my second closest competitor.

Since the race had four candidates dividing up the vote, we did not cross the 50 percent threshold to avoid a runoff race. So, I'm asking everyone to brave the cold once again and come out for the runoff election on Dec. 5. While we had a great showing in the first election, we can't take anything for granted the second time around.

I've lived on Magnolia Avenue for nearly 40 years, and while Jersey City is rapidly changing, the issues people care about haven't. I plan to keep fighting for the next four years to improve quality of life for everyday people in the city, advocate for transparency in the city government and work to keep the Journal Square area affordable. The people who have waited decades for the Square to revitalize shouldn't be pushed out now that the area is transforming.

I was the first council candidate in 70 years to win without running on a mayoral ticket. As was the case four years ago, I chose to run independent again this time. It's a much harder path to victory, but the benefit of running a low budget campaign staffed entirely with volunteers is that I'm only beholden to my conscience and the residents of my ward, not campaign donors or political bosses.

I look forward to working with Mayor Fulop over the next four years to continue making Jersey City an even greater place to live. Please come out and vote on Tuesday, Dec. 5 so we can turn that long held dream into a reality.

Rich Boggiano, Jersey City Councilman for Ward C

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