Re: Rich Boggiano JSQ/Ward C City Council

Posted by RichBoggiano on 2017/11/3 21:48:37
Here's a few:

- Securing a commitment for space for a supermarket in the new tower going up in JSQ. There's smaller streetscape demands he's made that no other council member would have made but will help the overall area.
- Affordable housing funding for seniors and veterans.
- Finding replacement housing for ~40 terrified undocumented immigrants after their building burned down.
- Stopping the RobinHood development on Sip Ave. If you give that project an exception to the rule, you may as well throw the whole JSQ 2060 redevelopment plan out the window because every other developer will sue on the grounds that they deserve fair treatment. If you want luxury skyscrapers next to single family homes, then don't vote for him.
- Reestablishing the street cleaning budget from $300K to $1.2m this year.
- Updating the city's noise ordinance.
- I have no idea how many constituents he's helped with quality of life issues, but it's a huge number, and why so many people are loyal to him. He gets calls from people in other wards all the time that he helps with noise issues, police issues, public works issues, etc.
- He stopped a very corrupt ambulance contract from happening. I'm sure it was just a coincidence that the huge donation to Fulop's PAC happened just before he wanted to switch over the 100 year contract.
- He's continued running the Winning the Peace Program where West Point cadets are immersed into the local Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, and African American communities.
- Got Ward C a disproportionate amount of Park's funding after years of neglect. Pershing Field's restoration is the most obvious result of this.
- Steered tax abatements to where they are actually beneficial (encouraging development in neglected parts of the city) and fighting them in areas where they're no longer necessary (downtown).

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