Re: Rich Boggiano JSQ/Ward C City Council

Posted by T-Bird on 2017/10/1 17:48:04

RichBoggiano wrote:
10 things Trump should see when he visits Jersey City

#2 Lady Liberty

Trump has no doubt been to the Statue of Liberty before, but if he takes a trip again, this time with Jersey City Councilman Rich Boggiano, he may be convinced that Liberty Island is in New Jersey, not New York. Boggiano has long championed the notion that the statue is in Jersey City -- the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987 refused to weigh in -- so maybe Boggiano can convince Trump to get the federal government to endorse the idea. ... n_hes_in_jersey_city.html

Trump + Boggiano = Perfect together. Two peas in a pod, spending all of their time yapping about things that make no difference in the average person's life - ranting about things like what state the Statue of Liberty is in or standing for the national anthem.

Time to move to Florida, Rich.

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