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Posted by RichBoggiano on 2017/8/29 15:59:07
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Journal Square is Reborn

As a young police officer in a riot at Hamilton Park in the 1970s, my patrol car was smashed by cinder blocks thrown at me from the roof of a brownstone. The city was looking for anyone willing to take possessions of that brownstone and others like it for $1. No one wanted them.

Under mayors Tony Cucci and Jerry McCann, the rebirth of downtown began in the 1980s. It's transformed into one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. Those same brownstones are now worth millions of dollars apiece.

Journal Square was once the thriving heart of Jersey City. I've been fighting for its rebirth since I moved to my current house on Magnolia Ave in 1980. I raised my kids here at a time when others were leaving. I've been a populist voice for vulnerable residents, clean government, and honest redevelopment the entire time. My neighbors may not always agree with my position on a given issue, but no one ever questions my integrity or love for Jersey City.

I've had the privilege of serving as Ward C's councilman during a rebirth where I have seen more change in the last 4 years than the past 40. I encourage new construction in line with the Journal Square Redevelopment Plan while holding developers accountable so they don't make a profit at the expense of current or future residents. I've been fighting to bring a supermarket to Journal Square, clean up our streets, and make our community generally more livable for singles, families, and seniors.

Journal Square and the heights will continue to be transformed in the next four years. I am excited to see what the future holds, and plan to continue fighting for everyday people as it unfolds. Thank you for your support!

Rich Boggiano, Councilman, Ward C, Jersey City

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