Re: Jersey City issued $14 million in parking violations last year

Posted by brewster on 2017/8/7 11:37:06

bodhipooh wrote:

135jc wrote:
I remember about 10 yrs ago. Jersey city claimed it cost them more to write the tickets then they collected.

This sounds SO ridiculous that I am inclined to believe it is 100% true. Only in JC could you have a parking enforcement agency that is unable to generate a profit.

Completely true. Don't forget the full time JCPA "supervisor" who was also a full time teacher at a county HS. He was surely a HCDO "made man" to get 2 patronage jobs.

Problem with any research into ticket writing productivity is it runs right into protests about quotas. So you can't complain about low levels of ticketing because then they'd have to have a quota, and that's a no-no. I'd love to know how many traffic tickets per cop/hr JCPD produces vs similar cities.

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