Re: Come to City Hall this upcoming Wednesday to promote electric vehicle charging in JC #EVinJC

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2017/8/7 16:36:49

Frank_M wrote:

bodhipooh wrote:

TheBigGuy wrote:
So why wouldn't PSEG or even electric car manufacturers want in on this market... product distribution is already in place?

Why aren't PSEG and other entities jumping on this? Short sightedness...

PSE&G probably stands to profit more by selling energy to charging station operators, instead of cutting themselves a discount on the rates and then making up the profits in the charging station business, where they have no unique expertise or competitve advantage.

It's interesting question PSEG has a home consumer appliance division. They compete against private business for that multitude of home services.

If someone called them to modify an electrical outlet in their garage as a charging station, seems like they could do the work... or would home owner look for a private electrician. It can't be very complicated work.

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