Re: Come to City Hall this upcoming Wednesday to promote electric vehicle charging in JC #EVinJC

Posted by T-Bird on 2017/6/24 17:47:47
There is a big difference between in-home charging and public charging stations. Public stations can now fully charge a car's battery in 30 minutes (goes to my earlier comment about how quickly things are changing.) The limiting factor is the car's charging acceptance rate, but manufacturer's are moving toward a universal standard. And most people stop more than every 300 miles on a long trip; you can top up as you go.

My solar comment was about residential, not on cars (although the Prius idea is very interesting. I didn't realize it was coming so soon - I would have waited a year. I just bought a new Prius... ) The idea is that you are creating a closed loop system between the solar panels, the powerwall storage and the storage/intake of the car battery.


Ralph_Abutts wrote:
I agree mostly with your assessment. Two areas I differ are long trips and solar.

30 minutes is not nearly enough time for a charge in the scenario you describe. It is more like hours. Battery tech innovation has slowed down quite a bit...that is the limiter.

Solar...Toyota announced yesterday that they will include it in their Prius model as soon as next year. It is a very modest, but nice improvement. They state a 10% reduction/savings in fuel usage for the car.

Other considerations...can our aging electrical infrastructure handle the extra load of evs? Also, the heavy metals used in batteries are not very enviromentally friendly.

I think autonomous, ride sharing is a bigger deal than ev. That will have a more positive impact for people's wallet, time, and the environment.

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