Re: Come to City Hall this upcoming Wednesday to promote electric vehicle charging in JC #EVinJC

Posted by jklm on 2017/6/24 16:36:36
PADNA's view of the First Street EV stations is positive, but the Electric Vehicle public has not arrived to use the spaces. Jersey City government has introduced these ordinances to clarify and enforce the exclusive EV spaces, as well as acknowledging that a majority of EV spaces remain empty 24/7 over the past three years. The EV spaces are not going away, but will share the EV spaces with zone permit and public parking until the need arrives. As EV charging demand increases, spaces will return to exclusive EV charging only. Until that time, the general public will use the unused spaces.

Many want to charge near their home. Wouldn't it make sense to create more public charging stations spread throughout the city, not all in one place? This way people won't have to travel far to charge. I would be interested in hearing who would like public EV charging stations on their street. Any volunteers?

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