Re: Come to City Hall this upcoming Wednesday to promote electric vehicle charging in JC #EVinJC

Posted by T-Bird on 2017/6/23 16:57:20

35% of all greenhouse gas emissions tie back to transportation fuels.

EVs are advancing at a rate that is almost untrackable. Every major auto manufacturer has plans to roll out between three and five models over the next five years; prices have begun to come down and with scale will come down significantly. Range on better EVs is approaching 300 miles - within striking distance of most SUVs (Daimler has a prototype that goes 310 miles that it will debut in October at the Paris motor show.)

Frankly though, range limitation is a silly notion, when you think about it. 20th century thinking. Who drives 300 miles in one day? Not many people - and when you do (a long trip, usually) you can plan in a 30 minute stop for a meal while you charge. Otherwise, you drive your 10, 20, 50 or so miles during the day and plug in when you get home in the evening. The average car sits idle 94% of the time. Where the future is actually headed is your EV will become an additional storage battery to the Powerwall for your solar panels (this is why Elon Musk bought Solar City.) When you are not driving and your car is plugged in at home, the car will be able to serve as a source of power for your home at night (and your home's power needs are greatly reduced.) You still draw from the grid at times, but it materially reduces your usage.

As with most new technologies, adoption is slow in the beginning and lulls people into extrapolating that low rate out indefinitely makes sense. There is almost always an inflection point where a technology breakthrough occurs or costs drop and people flock to it. EVs won't be an exception. What will likely drive it is very recent policy shifts in China and India that will lead to much greater market penetration and, likely, exports of much cheaper EVs which will drive competition elsewhere. Just like the Japanese did in the 70s with small, fuel-efficient cars.

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