Re: Come to City Hall this upcoming Wednesday to promote electric vehicle charging in JC #EVinJC

Posted by MDM on 2017/6/23 9:26:40

bodhipooh wrote:
I hope the city holds the line, as we should be embracing and encouraging the use of such cars to help reduce contamination, and exhaust fumes, while also doing a tiny little part towards preserving regional environmental health.

If you look at the life-cycle cost of electric vehicles (i.e. take in account the energy needed to make the batteries, generating source of the electricity, etc.) you get little in the what you described above.

Modern gasoline powered cars are pretty clean when it comes to CO, SOx, NOx, and VOCs (the latter two causing smog and ozone). In fact, if you tried committing suicide by filling your car with exhaust, it would take a while since CO levels produced by modern cars is so low.

There are other issue is with electric car batteries, which aren't affordable or practical (car batteries need to be heated and cooled). Unless someone invents a super capacitor with the same amount of energy storage as a tank of gasoline (similar size / weight), electric cars are just going to be expensive toys for very wealthy people.

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