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Posted by rescuelife on 2017/5/11 13:53:04

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Definitely all show, no substance. Most people buying a purebred dog will continue to do exactly what they do today: get one from a breeder. For those who want to adopt a dog, go deal with the rescue groups, or Liberty Humane. Do we even have pet stores in town selling dogs or cats? Fussy Friends has adoption events for cats, but those are not animals for sale. Canis Minor, before it closed, would also have adoption events from time to time, but no animals for sale. Serious question: do we have pet stores in town selling cats or dogs?

There are a few real-life impacts from this I can immediately think of:

1. Prevents new puppy mill stores from opening up in JC. As development expands greatly throughout the city, it is not inconceivable that a puppy mill store would have opened. Now they won't.

2. As more municipalities adopt laws like this, soon the state will have a majority of municipalities with the same law, at which point the statewide effort starts to gain momentum. There are about 100 towns now with similar ordinances, and if not for Gov Christie a comparable state law would have been signed already. This then prevents puppy mill sales statewide which is a huge achievement.

3. Cosmetically/topically, it's good press. Maybe someone didn't know what a puppy mill is, but then they see Jersey City has banned their sales, and in turn they end up rescuing a dog.

I don't discount the possibility you are right, particularly about #3 (increasing awareness, and perhaps deriving some other benefits as a result of that) but with regards to #2, my impression has always been that most of the puppy mills from which animals originate were usually found in PA (that was until some state laws curtailed those operations) and from OH and some Southern states (KY, TN).

In any case, I am now genuinely curious as to whether we even have pet stores in town that sell dogs, or cats.

I remember there being a place not Downtown that did years ago but thinking they went out of business. Thankfully if this passes we know no new ones will open though.

You are right about where the really bad mills are. Also Missouri is notorious for puppy mills. One issue is that the mills now use "brokers" who will be local to the store and act as middle person.

This does obviously still leave those determined to purchase a certain brand of dog the option of a backyard breeder, but at least it narrows their options a bit.

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