Re: Jersey City Residents Decry Offensive Murals Commissioned by the City

Posted by AnimalChin on 2017/5/12 22:12:38
I completely agree that the Mural Project is a complete political/marketing campaign aimed at developers and real estate investors. It’s a ruse to convince outsiders that Jersey City has a thriving artist community. In fact, the “Jersey City Arts Community” is 1/10th of what it was just a few years ago.

I also agree that the responsibility of art selection should NOT be in the hands of one individual. If we’re serious about an “Artist’s Community”, there should be some sort of Arts Council comprised of professional working artist living in the community. Should that team be giving direction on what artists should paint? Of course not. But some sort of quick moving, “Yes or No” voting process should exist during the comp process.

In terms of this one “Artists” approach to the change… Using political correctness and implying that she is “Offended” by the art seems like a very shallow attempt at legitimizing herself as an expert, forcefully placing herself in the throne of Creative Director. Her proposed direction would have the opposite effect of what she states—leading me to believe this is about Her and not encouraging positive creative energy.

I very much disagree with her assertion that every mural must relate to Jersey City history. I feel that direction is narrow-minded and unrealistic. It limits artistic flexibility, style and voice. That’s how you get corporate-looking crap plastered all over the city.

Last, but certainly not least… Art is personal. You’re not going to like every piece that is in MoMA. You’re not going to like every mural in Jersey City. The best we can do is make sure the art going up is of quality craft and has value beyond its mere state of existence.

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