Re: Jersey City Residents Decry Offensive Murals Commissioned by the City

Posted by MattJC79 on 2017/5/11 0:24:36
The only time the murals bugged me was the Monopoly Board on Newark Ave. It was a cool idea but just looked cheap and the paint did not seem to stick well on the street. The content did not bother me as much as some others. It just looked a bit cheap and crappy to be honest.

I would agree with some review, but not for content, but just artwork and skill of the artist.

In other words, make sure the artist are talented and bring great work. I see awesome stuff around the Holland tunnel. There is is a stay puff dripping away and the veins and crap are underneath. Its great work, but perhaps would not fly on a building right downtown or really anywhere kids would be freaked out, I'm not sure how to police that, but its awesome work.

The problem with a review over content is that you will always find someone offended by something. If that's what it turns into, then few great murals will be thrown up in the city.

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