Re: h1b racket in jersey city about to crash

Posted by MDM on 2017/4/21 8:35:06
Trump can't take away the program, that would take an act of Congress. He is slowing it down though via his executive powers. Last month, the program where an employer pays extra $$$ to get faster approvals was suspended.

Open borders has supports from both parties. The Democrats expand the welfare rolls and therefore over time, gain new voters. The Republican big donors gain cheap labor.. meat packing employees to discount STEM people. The latter has become a huge racket, turning America's tech employers into a modern version of a Roman Latifundium.

Open borders had a lot of support early last century as well, for similar reasons as above (though no welfare state yet). Eventually though, immigration was controlled via a series of acts of Congress post WWI, with immigration being severely limited by 1924 until 1965. The percent foreign born dropped from near 40% of the population to about 4%. The break allowed for generational assimilation and gradually end a host of immigration induced problems.

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