Re: h1b racket in jersey city about to crash

Posted by Dolomiti on 2017/4/20 21:51:28

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i thought it will be news today, but terrence chose to be a prop at hcdo photo op on city hall steps yesterday instead.

president trump signed eo yesterday targeting h1b racket, including all 400+ in jersey city. ... merican-and-hire-american

slumlords and fulop not happy.

you do realize Terrence works for a LOCAL publication covering LOCAL issues, right? maybe he'll get around to covering the issue AFTER it's had an impact on Hudson County and Jersey City businesses.

say what? 12 000+ taking our jobs in our city is not an existingproblem?


They are not "TAKIN ER JERBS." They are legal visa holders who work, consume and most likely live in JC. They are our co-workers and neighbors.

Spare us the nativism, kthx.

slums in our city created by overcrowding by h1b holders not a problem too?

Did you not read your own source? The average wage offer for those jobs is over $80k. Sure, rent in JC is expensive, but those visa holders are not living in "slums."

Meanwhile, what does the EO actually do? Not much. It is going to... generate reports on H1B visa holders. And suggest reforms!!!

It didn't demand an investigation of all H1B visas issued. They aren't going to drag every H1B visa holder to the nearest ICE office and grill them. They aren't revoking visas. It doesn't even reduce the number of H1B visas that will be made available; Congress sets the amount.

At worst, they will just add another layer of paperwork to the H1B program.

More noise, no substance....

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