Re: h1b racket in jersey city about to crash

Posted by fat-ass-bike on 2017/4/19 17:30:03

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It's all smoke and mirrors about this topic.
The MAIN reason that we don't have enough blue and white collar jobs throughout the US has nothing to do with H1B visa's . Trump is diverting the true problem with this crap - see attached about the cause and effect ... basically corporations have invested their manufacturing and infrastructure in China and other 'cheap' labor countries that don't have the same labor and environmental laws as we do here ...

We actually been getting a lot of manufacturing returning to the USA in large part because we have some of the cheapest energy in the world , places like China aren't that cheap anymore, and a need to reduce transit costs associated with the supply chain.

However, the assembly line, low to moderate skill jobs aren't coming back with the manufacturing. I'll link to a case in point:

Textile (yarn) manufacturer headed for China in the '90s for the cheap labor. In 2010, the US plant was re-opened. In its previous peak during the 1980s, it employed over 2,000 people. Today: about 140 workers due to automation. ... .html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

I often question the patriotism of US corporations and our politicians ... for me they have very little with politicians being complicit with their needs and wants ... campaign money always has a big voice on governance.

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