Re: h1b racket in jersey city about to crash

Posted by fat-ass-bike on 2017/4/19 16:58:26
It's all smoke and mirrors about this topic.
The MAIN reason that we don't have enough blue and white collar jobs throughout the US has nothing to do with H1B visa's . Trump is diverting the true problem with this crap - see attached about the cause and effect ... basically corporations have invested their manufacturing and infrastructure in China and other 'cheap' labor countries that don't have the same labor and environmental laws as we do here ... the US worker is too expensive for greedy corporations and industries ... It's no wonder the US military is the number 1 employer in the US, followed by Walmart ... There wouldn't be many countries in the world that has their military as the number 1 employer!

It makes no wonder local businesses are exploiting the H1B visa when you're competing with overseas suppliers or service providers. Everything from manufacturing to telemarketers that are calling us from abroad is a problem, that should be 'homegrown' industries ... Globalisation has its benefits but is also screwing this nation!

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