Re: Dixon Leasing Cheating JC out of Taxes with the help of Rebecca Sysmes

Posted by JC_GeeGee on 2017/4/19 17:17:14

MDM wrote:
Dixon did a partial gut - rehab (twice because the 1st contractor didn't do such a good job), including a tear off / replace of the roof on the property next to mine. This was a house previously occupied by a hoarder with 30+ cats. My block no longer smells like cat piss. So personally, I have no negative issues with Dixon.

As for abatements.. 1-4 unit buildings are eligible for a 5 year abatement for major renovations, regardless who owns them (owner occupied or investor). You don't report rent income on units 4 or less to the city since they are not rent controlled and are taxed as residential (tax assessment based on comparison sales.. not rent income). So what exactly is this 'special' abatement that Dixon is getting?

Dixon is not applying for an abatement after they renovate a property. If they did, the property would be reassessed and the tax on the property would skyrocket. This is what I think the OP is getting at.

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