Re: Dixon Leasing Cheating JC out of Taxes with the help of Rebecca Sysmes

Posted by JCGuys on 2017/4/18 12:17:57

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The scam is that 2 years ago, when the city tried to get the taxpayer's share for added assessment due to renovations, Dixon threatened the city with a $300K lawsuit and the assessments never happened. The scam outlined below is what the insiders came up with to protect Dixon going forward.

My job will be to expose the secret deals everyone has been making with the City and their cronies. One day at a time.

I work for the City and I am sick and tired of the BS that passes along one administration to the next

You're such a loser. As has been mentioned, major rehabs are automatically eligible for a 5 year abatement. It has nothing to do with Dixon or city council.

BTW, if anyone from Dixon is reading this, please buy up some of the abandoned properties in my neighborhood in the Heights to convert into 2,3, or 4-family homes. I'm tried of the blight, and it sounds like you guys know hoe to get the job done. Great jobs guys.

Um, might want to re-think that request. Dixon owns about 6-7 houses on my block alone in DTJC. Two of them they purchased 2 years ago and they've been sitting empty ever since. Don't know if they plan to refurb them or sell them as-is, but probably the former. Dixon is usually the last to shovel during the winter and when they are doing refurb work they pay zero attention to the noise they make, starting early (like 7:00) and sometimes all weekend. As neighbors go, pretty obnoxious...

Thank for the info - in the case, nevermind.

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