Re: Dixon Leasing Cheating JC out of Taxes with the help of Rebecca Sysmes

Posted by fat-ass-bike on 2017/4/16 17:38:36

Monroe wrote:
In NJ, you can blame the Democrats in the Legislature. In JC and Hudson County, you can blame Fulop and the Democrat machine. Our President has been in office a few months, give him time to get stuff done.

Really !

Trump and politicians just to name a few, have been exploiting tax loopholes, legislation and regulations regardless if democrats or republicans have been in office ... We shouldn't live in a fantasy that one political party is better at governance then the other.

The political and financial elite might 'talk the talk' but will never screw things up for themselves. Trump and any politician will ensure that any of their enterprises or interests will not be effected with their actions of change and if anything, will be benefitted by their political position ... no-one shoots themselves in the ass !

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