Re: Dixon Leasing Cheating JC out of Taxes with the help of Rebecca Sysmes

Posted by fat-ass-bike on 2017/4/16 17:14:43
Why complain it's the American way - We have a President (not to mention most politicians) that knows every tax avoidance loophole in all his business and building interests.

Every developer, politician, corporation or individuals that have the means will employ a lawyer or even a team of lawyers to look for loopholes and exploit poorly written legislation ... It might be legal what they do, but maybe not so ethical and unfortunately, being unethical means nothing these days as there are no consequences.

If you want to finger point, then it's Fulop, Christie and the IRS for not 'patching' up those loopholes in our building regulations and tax laws.

Less then a week to go before I'm leaving on a Virgin flight from JFK to LAX then, Qantas plane out of here.

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