Re: $512K payout for top Jersey City cop renews call for reform

Posted by caj11 on 2018/1/7 0:40:50
So he has to pay $ 24,700 although he stole more than
$ 31,000, and I assume he still gets his $ 512,000 vacation payout. He retires with a few dollars less, no real fine, no jail time and despite whatever criminal record he now has, it doesn't matter because he's retiring anyway. Whoop de do. He got off so f---ing easy. I'm not sure what sickens me more - the fact that he stole from the housing authority and is not paying it all back, or his ridiculously large vacation payout.

Also, at every job I ever worked, you could not horde vacation days and then cash them out when you quit or retired, it was always a policy of "use it or lose it" with only a small portion of days that could get rolled over to the next year. Really, they don't need to cap vacation day payouts, they just need to change the policy on the number of days you can accumulate and roll over to the next year and be like most other employers. Such an easy answer, yet they can't seem to implement the policy.

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