Re: Candice Osborne running, Not running, running, Not running,

Posted by WhoElseCouldIBe on 2017/4/19 12:49:25

earthling wrote:

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Well, now. What do we have here? Take a look at the post counts of those who are trashing Candice.

rcjcinsider (OP) - 4
earthling - 24
Bahlofsky - 5
tinydancer116 - 13

Hmm, some would say that it is particularly strange that all of these new posters came out of the woodwork to unite on this one particular issue eh? It almost seems intentional. :)

Try to be more discrete next time, guys. It's painfully transparent.

kandi runs on dismal record, a few point it out in a large city jc is, and conspiracy theory is born.

is she stupid or no, after all? i mean our kandi, not the tv one.

Your misogyny is palpable. If you want to criticize the councilwoman on her record, do so. But your continued personal attacks are offensive - and more of a reflection on you (and the candidates you support) than her.

she failed as many times over. she is so stupid she is unable to argue her point. just review council meetings on youtube. she is handed over task and told fetch. case in point is her ramming no parking in front of marriott at grove path. clearly shows who her masters are.

Clearly, you're a shill for one of Candice's political opponents. It's laughably transparent.

Hmm, I wonder why your post count is so low? :)

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