Re: Did you know the City Council is required at (Open Public Meeting Act) Caucus allow public to speak

Posted by parkman on 2017/3/19 15:12:24
bodhipooh, the way I read it, paig55 is correct. That section states you may not be able to have input during the initial discussion, but must be allowed to speak before the meeting is over, if a member of the public "feels may be of concern...."

“The right to attend a public meeting does not necessarily include a right to comment or participate. Most public bodies in New Jersey may decide for themselves whether to allow public participation and may impose rules limiting or regulating participation.

The governing bodies of municipal government, HOWEVER, must set aside a portion of EVERY meeting, the length of which is determined by the municipal body, for public comment on any governmental issue that a member of the public "feels may be of concern to the residents of the municipality." N.J. Stat. § 10:4-12(a)."

Unless a caucus is not a "governing body", or is a closed meeting, we should be able to comment.

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