Re: Fulop: Trump’s proposed budget would cost Jersey City $9.6M in HUD funding

Posted by TonyTwoPoops on 2017/3/20 16:46:55

Monroe wrote:

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Monroe wrote:
Tony, Tony-our President hasn't been in office for two months yet; Obama was blaming Bush up until the last day of his 8 years in office, lol. I think we can let the sun shine on Obama for a bit longer.

Should I do a search and see if you whined about Joe Biden renting out a house to the SS staff protecting him at his house? Save me the time, can you recall? mean the rental property that cost $2,200 a month (the rate the previous tenants were paying)? Yeah I think that's pretty reasonable and not the same as $183 million a year so a kid can stay in private school while also insisting it's necessary to cut funding from programs that benefit veterans and the elderly.

Try to defend that logic and not bring up a democrat. I don't think that's acceptable no matter what your party affiliation is.

On just the money saved on the Air Force 1 replacement, and the Lockheed F35 renegotiation he can keep the First Lady and their son in Trump Tower for both his two terms and we'll still come out ahead-but you do know that they're coming to DC after the school year, right? So much of that expense goes away. Making America Great!

You mean the alleged billion dollars savings no one can confirm? ... -1-billion-savings-on-jet

I'll believe it when I see it. His wife is pretty clearly repulsed by him.

None of those "savings" get passed on to or even replaces what is being cut.

Fascinated by what happened to you in childhood that forces you to consider yourself so unworthy of an honest leader who remotely cares about your well being?

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