Re: Fulop: Trump’s proposed budget would cost Jersey City $9.6M in HUD funding

Posted by TonyTwoPoops on 2017/3/18 14:56:31

Monroe wrote:

TonyTwoPoops wrote:
Hmmm so Trump gains $183 million in taxpayer money for the necessary expense of keeping Melania away from him and we get....budget cuts that don't even total that obscene amount and cuts tons of funding from people who aren't millionaires and actually need it?

Get some self esteem Monroe- even you should realize you deserve better than this.

Give me a break, do you want to break down every cost for every POTUS and their families? Right now, Obama is sunning himself on a private island in Tahiti-for a month-with Secret Service protection-an island with one hotel, where rooms start at $2K a night. Michelle is god knows where getting protection, as are both kids, one in DC and the other in NY.

How much is that costing us? Obama just signed a $60 million dollar book deal, and we're paying for SS protection at each of his three US residences to boot-should he kick some cash in?

And Obama's policies DOUBLED OUR FREAKING NATIONAL DEBT, and you're obsessed with the First Lady and child getting protection? If you can't get a grip, go buy one.

Well for one thing I know you miss having OBAMA to blame for everything going wrong- because you are still doing it. I'm not counting all the money we pay for Bush's security either.

Deflect deflect deflect- security isn't staying in an OBAMA building with the money directly going back into OBAMA's business. Guess it's just another conflict of interest that Trump patted you on the head and told you not to worry about like a good little chump.

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